That's so Boulder!

Car Wash

Chip needs a new car. At Taylor’s insistence he has to get a used Subaru. Chip argues. “I don’t want to buy a used car. I like new cars.”

“First of all, It’s not a car, Okay, it’s a Subaru,” explains Taylor. “Second, you can’t just buy a Subaru.”

“Well, I’m not leasing it.”

“No, you don’t, buy a Subaru, you have to, ‘create’ a Subaru.”

“What are you talking about?”

“Just trust me. Okay. It’s all in the detailing. Trust me. Really. You just need to trust me on this.”

Chip eventually gives in and purchases a used Subaru. Taylor insists on immediately taking it to her designer/detailer looking relatively new and clean. The car is returned from the detailer outside of the shop. What has come back from the detailer looks like it has gone through a Yukon Mud Race. The tires, fenders and windows are all splashed and caked with dirt and mud while there are several new scratches and dents now added.

At the behest of Taylor, all the Boulderites come out to look at Chip’s new, yet filthy and beaten car. To Chip’s absolute surprise all the Boulderites are highly impressed with the way the car looks, standing back, tilting their heads sideways and commenting on it as if it were a painting in a museum.

“That is a Subaru,” says one Boulderite, turning to Taylor. “Your detailer is a VERY gifted artist. Can you get me in for a touch-up?”