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Credits Include:

Many high profile Visual FX movies including The “Matrix II & III”, “Spiderman”, “The Hollowman”, “Stuart Little”, “Godzilla”, “Contact”, “Starship Troopers”, “Ghost and the Darkness” and “Judge Dredd” to name a few.

Rusty Case


Rusty has recently completed co-directing the Tween Comedy “Girl, Wired!” Additionally, Rusty has directed the comedy TV series pilot “KGooG”, re-directed the sci-fi comedy “Aliens From Uranus,” produced the period hippy comedy “Margarine Wars,” and redneck comedy “Hatfield and McCoy.”

His background is in visual effects and logistics and includes Warner Bros./Eon Entertainment as CTO for the Wachowski Brothers, and operating the Linda Vista Hospital Studio running location logistics for over 900 productions, including such high profile TV shows as “Without A Trace,” “Bones,” “The Shield,” “Monk” and “Criminal Minds;” he additionally participated in raising over $100MM in capital.

Rusty now lives in Phoenix where he is a producer-director for GCM Media, Hungry Coyote Entertainment and The Phoenix Independent Film Makers Group.