That's so Boulder!

The Adulting

New in town, Chip meets real estate agent Grant at the local hangout to discuss purchasing a new home. The problem is Grant does not seem to know anything about real estate. Chip complains, “I don’t know why I called you” and Grant replies, “ It’s because…I’m so Boulder!” Margaret appears and frowns at Grant, “Oh, you ARE Boulder.” After Chip complains further, Grant responds with – “Look, I’ve been awake for two hours and fifteen minutes, and in that time I have had to answer two emails, listen to a voice message and take this meeting. I had to pay my own internet bill, I mean I have been doing nothing but adulting all day.”

Unable to avoid overhearing the conversation, Russell at the next table quickly finds several houses on his tablet and leans over to interrupt and show them to Chip. Impressed, Chip asks Russell what he does. “Consultant and general problem solver,” replies Russell.

“Well,” says Chip, “you might just be useful.” Several eavesdropping Boulderites are shocked that Russell the outsider has upstaged Grant the entrenched local. Russell thinks his efficiency will gain him local points, but in fact it makes the locals hate him more. It quickly becomes clear that Russell is in love with Margaret, but she is infatuated with Grant’s Boulder-drenched good looks. Taylor enters with a flourish, allowing Grant to display his adoration of Taylor’s alternative ways, making Margaret despise Taylor. As Chip watches Margaret in action, he begins to develop a crush on Margaret, which in turn, gets Russell’s attention as Taylor notices Chip.